Decoding the secrets of the Manitoba Legislative building

WATCH: Hermetic Code tour reveals secrets of the Manitoba Legislative Building.

WINNIPEG – Manitoba is full of hidden gems and some have hidden stories that go with them.

Frank Albo, an architectural historian, spent a decade of his life researching the secrets and decoding the meaning behind the architecture of the Manitoba Legislative Building.

The Hermetic Code tour, based on Albo’s book, points out hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes and symbols masked and hidden throughout the architecture of the building.

“It’s like Sudoku,” said Albo. “It’s an architectural crossword.”

The numbers five, eight and 13 feature prominently throughout the building, from the eight-pointed star and the eight cattle skulls, to the 13 lights in each hallway.

It’s all based on temple architecture, Albo said.

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“At the entrance you place figures meant to turn away evil,” he said. “The bust of Minerva or Athena and the perimeter of lion heads.”

WATCH: Don Finkbeiner talks about the success of the Hermetic Code tours of the Manitoba Legislative Building.

Don Finkbeiner has been booking tours with Albo for about six years.

“We have brought more than 14,000 people through the legislative building since we started these tours,” said Finkbeiner, owner of Heartland International Travel and Tour.

The tour was made part of an international tourism campaign.

The Canadian Tourism Commission put the Hermetic Code tour on its list of premier tourist destinations.

Tours run on Wednesday evenings starting at 6 p.m. and can be booked online.