Blade Trinity bow stolen from museum and shop in New Westminster

VANCOUVER — It’s a weapon that has touched the hands of at least two famous celebrities. Both Jessica Biel and Jennifer Garner used a bow from Boorman Archery in New Westminster as a prop in Blade Trinity and Elektra, respectively.

It’s been stolen, alone with six other bows described by owner Ron Boorman as irreplaceable. Some were built by him and others had been collected for over 40 years.  The antique bows were on display at Boorman Archery, a museum and shop, when they were stolen Friday morning.

Bows stolen from Boorman Archery. New Westminster Police

The thieves were caught on a security camera. You can see them smashing through the window and running away, newly acquired weapons in hand. According to authorities, there are two suspects who were seen fleeing the scene in a grey or blue minivan.

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“The Blade bow was built for the movie and I think that’s the only one around,” Boorman told Global News.

He estimates the total value of the bows that were stolen as $20,000. He says they have insurance, but that doesn’t replace the fact the bows will still be gone.

“I’ve even thought of putting out a reward for it, I don’t know whether that will help or not…I don’t know why they would take them. They’re not shoot-able. They’re just too old to to be used correctly,” says Boorman.

One crossbow in particular has a bad trigger and is very unsafe, he says. “I would like to warn them…I hope they listen to it so they will not load that bow.”

Anyone with information on the stolen property is asked to contact the New Westminster Police Department at 604-525-5411.

–With files from Jeremy Hunka.


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