Sandstone crumbles from Calgary’s Historic City Hall

Calgary’s historic city hall is crumbling and there might not be enough money to fix it.

The City of Calgary put scaffolding around the exterior of the building after potato-sized chunks of sandstone broke away from the north side of the facility.

The sandstone fell onto a balcony adjacent to the LRT platform on Tuesday, September 16th. The protective fence was erected the next day as a safety precaution.

“Sandstone is a water-soluble product,” explains Ward 6 Councillor Richard Pootmans. “It is old, it’s eroding, it’s disintegrating and we need an engineering solution.”

An audit is completed on City of Calgary-owned buildings every year, and officials say there just isn’t enough money to keep up with the repairs that are needed.

“Calgary is such a growing city, it’s really challenged to meeting all of the needs that it has for growth and for maintenance,” says Sharon Purvis, Corporate Properties and Buildings, City of Calgary

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A report issued in July found it would cost $150 million to repair both Historic City Hall and the Municipal Building.

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