Susan Hay and Lauren Toyota introduce the B.K.T.

Lauren Toyota’s foodie blog is full of pictures of her mouth-watering creations.

Looking at the pictures, viewers would never suspect hot for food is a vegan blog.

Toyota, who has been vegan for about five years, cited health reasons for making the switch to veganism. She previously ate meat and considered cheese a personal favourite.

Refusing to sacrifice her favourite comfort foods, Toyota adapted her favourite recipes with vegetable substitutions.

Toyota’s recipes range from cheesecake to buffalo wings to burgers and pizza. All are entirely plant-based.

Many of Toyota’s recipes feature nuts as a protein substitute. Recipes like her vanilla cheesecake are made with cashews, but the consumer wouldn’t know it by the taste.

Toyota loves the wide variety of ingredients and flavours available to her in local supermarkets, and has simple advice for those looking to try going vegan.

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“Making the switch is easy if you just do it one meal at a time and really transition out of it slowly,” said Toyota.

Toyota’s partner John Diemer made the switch to veganism after they met. He made the switch in about a week and now helps Toyota with her blog.

Hot for Food also features vegan versions of personal care products such as face masks and deodorant.

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