Sister of woman killed in bike accident wants more protection for cyclists

HALIFAX – The sister of a cyclist killed in Dartmouth said she understands why police did not lay charges against the driver involved.

However Jackie Dean said she feels charges, or even a violation, would have sent a message to people about the need for greater awareness about the importance of vehicles and cyclists sharing the road.

Johanna Dean was killed at the intersection of Albro Lake Road and Windmill Road on May 21.

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The 30-year-old was biking when she collided with the side of a truck. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

“I want to honour [my sister] and make it safer for everyone [on the road],” Jackie said, adding cyclists often take their lives into their hands when they’re on the road.
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“There’s so much hate out there. Drivers don’t know what to do with cyclists and there’s lots of anger against cyclists.”

Jackie, who said she won’t ride her bike anymore after her sister’s death, said she wants the rules of the road to change to prevent this type of situation from happening again.

“It’s happening too much.”

Jackie said she understands that legislation is hard to create but she wants some laws to better protect cyclists.

“I want to do something. I can’t just give up,” she said as she tried to hold her composure.

Halifax Regional Police said no charges would be laid against the driver of the truck since there were no violations of the Motor Vehicle Act.

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