B.C. teachers’ strike could mean boon for travel industry

While this is normally the time of year when travel agencies switch gears from family holidays to customers without kids, parents who can afford to take an unscheduled holiday could be in for a pleasant surprise.

Now that kids are not in class and parents are looking for something to do, travel agencies are finding they’re scrambling to put together last minute deals for family getaways.

It’s yet another side of the coin when it comes to the teachers’ strike, where it could turn out to be a boon for the travel industry and for families who have been putting off trips to places like Disneyland.

The usual pattern for travel has rates plummeting when the new school year starts but instead, now you can find cruise packages for families offering outstanding deals. Packages where mom and dad pays and for the kids cruise free, all you pay are their taxes.

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But it’s not limited just to cruises. If you’re after a bit of heat, there are deals down south as well. There are trip packages to Mexico and Cuba priced at under $400 plus taxes and it includes the flight.

There are also deals close to home too. In Whistler, where there’s always something to do, there are discounts being offered.

Travel agents say, with the children off school you can ‘up and go’ if you have flexibility in your work schedule.