Barbara Walters’ touching speech in Montreal

MONTREAL – If there’s ever been a queen of the journalism world, Barbara Walters would reign supreme.

The broadcast legend was in Montreal on Tuesday night to speak at the CJA Federation‘s launch to raise funds for the Jewish community.

The firey 84-year-old had lots to share about life, love and her immense body of work as she took Montrealers through a stroll on memory lane, reminiscing about the moments in her career that mattered the most.

“I had the opportunity to interview her [Hillary Clinton] many times,” said Walters.
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“I said your life has been about taking chances and making choices. What was the biggest choice you’ve had to make? She said staying married to my husband.”

She spoke about those who are now gone, but have taught her so much.

“At one point, he [Christopher Reeve] said that his wife said ‘if you want, we will find a way to pull the plug, but you are still you.'” Walters said.

“While he was thinking about this, I realized then that if I could laugh, I could live.”

Walters may be known most for breaking down some of the industry’s strongest gender barriers.

“When I was leaving The View a year ago, they had women all over the country who were anchors in the local television radio stations,” she said.

“There were all of these women…That’s my legacy, if I have been able to help them and make wonderful smart women like this, then that’s what I’ve hoped I’ve been able to do.”


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