Several cyclists hurt near dangerous part of road on Lakeshore

Several people riding along Lakeshore Blvd W. near Carlaw Ave. have been injured after their tires got caught in railroad tracks that intersect with the bike lanes.

On Sunday, two cyclists fell after their wheels got stuck in pieces of rubber covering the railroad tracks that had come loose.

One man had to be taken to hospital by ambulance.

“How many have to injured until somebody looks after this?” said Mohamed Mirahssani, who was hurt while riding on August 9.

“My front bike went into the track and I broke my collar bone. While I was waiting to be picked up to go to the hospital, a female cyclist who was biking with her family had the same accident there,” he continued.

Mirahssani sent an e-mail to the City of Toronto requesting an urgent repair of the tracks, but got a reply claiming it was not the City’s responsible.

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“Your email has been forwarded to Canadian National Railway,” said a 311 City of Toronto employee.

But CN Rail is not responsible for the tracks. Global News has learned that The Toronto Portlands Company, the largest landowner in the Port Lands, maintains the railway.

When asked whether it is also responsible for fixing the rubber pieces surrounding the tracks, senior property manager Alan Kearsey could not provide a clear answer. Kearsey pointed out responsibility could lie with the City as the railway intersected with the city-owned bike lanes.

Kearney said he would send a team to investigate Tuesday.

Global News has requested clarification from the City’s transportation services department but has not heard back.