North Vancouver man to be sentenced for extortion over cell phone video

A 23-year-old North Vancouver man is waiting to hear his fate after pleading guilty to extorting a young woman over a cell phone video.

Two years ago, Mark Webber found a cell phone with a sexually explicit video that a young woman sent to her boyfriend.

The video was of pornographic nature and was made when the complainant, who cannot be named, was just 16-years old.

The North Vancouver man obtained the video after the victim’s boyfriend lost his phone.

Webber gave the victim a 26-hour deadline, demanding she sends nude photos of herself to him or he would release the video.

When she refused, he posted a still from the video to about 20 of her Facebook friends.

Webber also sent the video to a pornographic website.

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Crown says the victim suffered serious psychological damage because of the incident.

The man has now issued an apology letter to his victim, saying he is sorry, and there is no excuse for his stupid and immature actions.

His lawyer says his client is extremely remorseful.

Defense is asking for a suspended sentence, but Crown wants jail time.

A judge will make a decision on Monday.

With files from Rumina Daya

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