July 25, 2014 5:51 pm

Website shows Air Canada-shared flight was 25 minutes ahead of MH17

Planefinder.net shows that on July 17, an Air Canada flight operated by Lufthansa, flew south of Donetsk just 20 minutes before Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot out of the sky.


TORONTO – According to archived plane tracking information, a Lufthansa flight linked to Air Canada through Star Alliance flew south of Donetsk about 25 minutes ahead of Malaysia Flight MH17, believed to have been blown out of the sky by a missile.

The route of MH17 on July 17.


When first contacted by Global News, Air Canada spokesperson Isabelle Arthur said, “This flight is not an Air Canada-operated flight so it would be inappropriate for us to comment on another airline’s operations.” She further directed Global News to Lufthansa “who is responsible for its own risk assessment.”

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But if you book a flight on Air Canada’s website from Toronto to Delhi, one of the options is for a flight that leaves at 10 p.m. EDT, with a stop and transfer in Munich to a Lufthansa flight.

When booking a flight from Toronto to Delhi, Air Canada’s interactive map plots the flight over Ukraine.


In booking a flight from Toronto to Delhi, India, one of the flight options is to fly Toronto to Munich and then Munich to Delhi, operated by Lufthansa. Until the loss of MH17 the flight took a path over Ukraine.

Air Canada

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When notified of this, and asked how Air Canada ensures its passengers’ safety when another airline operates a flight booked through their site, Arthur told Global News in a subsequent email that, “Air Canada’s Corporate Security and Risk management department constantly monitors the level of security in every country and city we serve, including en route and local airspace, to ensure our crews and passengers aren’t put at risk.

“We work with government agencies in Canada, the U.S. and around the world, other airlines, and other sources at the destination city such as local airport authorities and law enforcement to gain a solid understanding of potential issues.”

Using data from Planefinder.net, it appears the flight has since changed its route and no longer flies over Ukraine.

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