July 14, 2014 12:20 pm

BLOG: Morning News Rewind – July 14

Kevin is ready for camping as Heather and Jordan from Cabela’s dropped in to show off some of the top gear for this season.

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It was a busy morning for Kevin on the Morning News as he learned about vintage clothing, found out the top camping items for this year and had a taste of stuffed jalapeno peppers while Joel met a group of cyclists biking across Canada for clean water.

Stuffed jalapeno peppers

Thomas Brown from Wild Cuisine is unreal at appetizers, and he’s always bringing something in that I don’t know the name of.

Granted, that’s his job, and I’m really, really not the best at cooking (yet.)

The treat he brought on today, while it incinerated my mouth (as I write this at 9:45, true story!), it’s unbelievably tasty, and while we can’t have beer on set, one can imagine that with the proper beverage on the back end, you’re in for an absolute treat.

Tom provides.

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Biking across Canada for clean water

This morning I got a chance to interview a group of cyclists who are in the process of biking across the country to raise money for an organization that builds water wells in Africa.

The group, Cycling4Water, features four 60-year-olds who embarked on the journey on July 1 in Victoria, B.C. and will conclude on Aug. 23 in St. Johns, Newfoundland.

The group will ride approximately 200km a day and were in Saskatoon for a rest day.

In our line of work, we hear about a lot of great things that people are doing for charity, but it always encourages me when I hear of people taking an ‘active’ approach.

As a former runner, I hope that I would be able to undertake that sort of physical journey at 60-years of age and I commend these four guys for doing so!

Giving vintage and second hand clothing a new life

I don’t know about you, but it took me a long time to figure out how to wear clothes properly. I was happiest for years in jeans and a baggy t-shirt. Classy, I know.

Nicola Tabb demonstrated today that the high-end labels aren’t always a requirement; that all it takes is a little luck in the bargain shop to pull off a really classy look!

To save yourself the trouble of deciphering an outfit from a thrift shop yourself, head down to 33rd and check out Better Off Duds!

Top items for camping

Well, we’ve had them on before, and they’ve never ceased to amaze/impress me. Today was no exception.

My only wish was that there was a little more time, because believe it or not, the stack, literal stack, of stuff we didn’t get through… man oh man! They’ll be back for more on camping, that’s for sure.

The one other thing we never mentioned in the segment was how light everything was. I mean, sure, we discussed the sleeping back, but the tent, the 1-inch little blowup mattress… it was amazing!

Joel and Kevin preview Tuesday’s Morning News

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