Ottawa speeds up wireless auction plans to help out smaller carriers

The Feds are speeding up a wireless spectrum auction to help new carriers expand their networks -- and better compete against incumbents Rogers, Bell and Telus. Getty Images

Industry Minister James Moore said Monday Ottawa will set aside new spectrum exclusively for smaller cellphone carriers in a new wireless auction that’s been fast-tracked to some time early next year.

The move is designed to bolster competition in the $21-billion wireless market by allowing firms like Wind Mobile, Mobilicity to buy up the set-aside spectrum at lower prices, which can then be used to bulk up their networks to give subscribers better service.

The move, the latest in a series, is aimed at fostering more meaningful competition against industry giants Rogers, Bell and Telus, the government said.

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“Canada’s wireless consumers have been clear that they want their government to make decisions that will lead to more choice, lower prices and better wireless service,” Industry Canada said in a statement.

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