‘Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek awarded Guinness World Record

TORONTO — Ontario-born Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek claimed the Guinness World Record on Friday for “most game show episodes hosted by the same presenter (one show).”

Trebek, 73, has hosted 6,829 episodes of Jeopardy! since 1984. The show was originally hosted by Art Fleming.

“This is the kind of record that can be broken,” Trebek said in a video posted by Guinness World Records.

“The good news is that as long as I keep hosting the program I stay ahead of whoever is in second place, and that makes me feel good.”

According to Guinness World Record representative Mike Janela, Trebek broke a record previously held by former Price Is Right host Bob Barker.

Trebek was born in Sudbury, Ont. but attended school in Ottawa and Toronto. He graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1961 with a degree in philosophy.

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Jeopardy! begins its 31st season in September — and Trebek will be back.

“It’s a fun show to do and it’s a quality program that I never have to apologize for when I meet people,” Trebek said.