‘Real Housewives’ cast member and daughter sue co-star for libel after shooting

‏@JodyClaman 20h A message from Mia: I love U ALL ....Out of Trauma UNIT! . Twitter

VANCOUVER – Former “Real Housewives of Vancouver” star Jody Claman and her daughter are suing a co-star for libel after Claman’s daughter was injured in a drive-by shooting.

Mia Deakin, who frequently made guest appearances on the reality show, was wounded in a drive-by shooting in Vancouver’s east side on Sunday.

A lawsuit filed on behalf of Claman and Deakin alleges former “Real Housewives” cast member Mary Zilba made defamatory comments about Deakin in subsequent media reports about the shooting.

The statement of claim, which contains unproven allegations, says Zilba told CBC that Deakin associated with criminals or people of “unsavoury character” and that Claman should have known that.

Claman and Deakin allege Zilba’s comments were defamatory, and they’re seeking damages and an injunction to prevent Zilba from repeating such comments.

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Vancouver police have said they believe the attack, where a man with Deakin was also injured, was targeted, but the force has not speculated on the potential motive or target.