June 9, 2014 4:28 pm

Ontario election: NDP bus offers a strange ride for reporters


It’s a cross between a 1950’s diner, and a basement rec room – except it’s on wheels.

Welcome aboard ‘Easy Rider,’ the NDP campaign bus.

The first thing you notice are the seats. They are red and black leather (or is that pleather?) and placed in an odd configuration of communal tables and couches.

Unlike traditional campaign buses with simple chairs and desks, the NDP have opted for a vehicle that is used for crews travelling on the NASCAR circuit.

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There are bunk beds, TV’s, a sound system, a small fridge, water cooler and ample Wi-Fi.

In Depth: Ontario Election 2014

This election is not the first talent search where the bus has been used. Look closely and you’ll notice promotional signs for a shampoo company inside. No, the NDP haven’t found sponsors, the bus was actually used for the Much Music VJ search (those decals are still inside too).

The only problem is that there aren’t enough desks for every journalist to work while on the bus.

But fear not, the New Democrats have developed a solution: you can work from the comfort of a plastic lap desk, while sitting sideways on a (p)leather couch, travelling down the highway at 110km/hr.

It gets a little messy come meal time.

As for those bunk beds strapped to the ceiling – no one has quite figured out how to get into them (not that any reporter would have time for a nap).


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