WATCH: Edmonton couple ties the knot at centre ice

Watch above: An Edmonton couple laced up and hit the ice Saturday night, but it wasn’t for a game of hockey. Quinn Ohler has details on a very Canadian wedding.

EDMONTON – In a wedding ceremony perhaps more Canadian than any other, an Edmonton couple took to centre ice Saturday afternoon to tie the knot.

“I was planning a normal wedding and wasn’t having any fun,” said bride Catherine Rahmani. “And my friend Jeff said, ‘Well, what does Kevin want to do?’ And I said, ‘He’d get married on ice if he could.'”

So Catherine and her now-husband, Kevin, got started on the hockey-themed wedding plans.

“I just kept coming up with ideas and she just kept making it happen,” said Kevin.

Every last detail was planned out to a tee to emulate a hockey game.

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“I thought let’s just get dramatic and go crazy,” said Catherine. “If we’re going to go that far let’s just have it be totally fun.”

And go crazy they did. Complete with pre-game jitters, Kevin and his groomsmen – in tuxedos and skates – stormed onto the ice at Clare Drake Arena to the pre-game classic ‘Let’s get ready to rumble.’

A bit more reserved, Catherine and her bridesmaids – in dresses and high heels – came dancing out of the tunnel, atop a perfectly laid light pink carpet, to the Beastie Boys’ tune ‘Girls.’

The wedding went on without a hitch. In front of about 160 of their closest family and friends – officiated by a referee, of course – Catherine and Kevin exchanged vows.

“I promise you a lot of things,” said Kevin, “but most importantly, I promise to always love you and always be the man you need.”

“What I really want to say today, on the day I become your wife, is thank you,” said Catherine as Kevin dabbed away tears from her eyes.

Catherine says the high-energy ceremony was the perfect reflection of her and Kevin as a couple, who plan on spending the rest of their lives having fun.

“We just pick up and have adventures,” said Kevin. “Let things fall into place and see how they go – that’s how we’ve always made it work.”

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“Adventures and fun,” Catherine said, looking into her husband’s eyes.

“Adventures and fun,” Kevin echoed.

With files from Quinn Ohler, Global News.

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