Moncton shooting takes Mayerthorpe families ‘right back’

Watch above: The small Alberta community of Mayerthorpe understands better than any other the nightmare Moncton residents are going through. Fletcher Kent reports.

EDMONTON – The shooting in Moncton that left three RCMP officers dead is – heartbreakingly – one several Alberta families can relate to.

“When we found out that the three officers were shot – five altogether – my stomach just… I went right back,” said Colleen Myrol. “You just go right back within seconds.”

Colleen’s son Brock was one of the four RCMP officers shot and killed by James Roszko on his property near Mayerthorpe in March 2005.

The lives of Constables Brock Myrol, Leo Johnston, Peter Schiemann and Anthony Gordon were tragically cut short when Roszko opened fire on them moments after they walked into his property to investigate a marijuana grow op and chop shop. Roszko then turned the gun on himself.

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Colleen said hearing about the shooting in Moncton was incredibly emotional for her entire family.

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“My sisters and my nieces and nephews…It’s so close. My mom phoned – she’s 80 years old – she was crying because you just know what they’re going to go through and you can’t fix it for them.”

“There’s no magic way to go through this,” said Colleen. “You just have to take it one step at a time. I always quote Churchill because he said, ‘when you’re walking through hell, keep walking.’”

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She said the outpouring of support from people across the country helped her family cope.

“Canadians are wonderful and I have no doubt they will [do] whatever they can do for the Moncton citizens.
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“Once everything dies down, it doesn’t go away, so it’s always nice to have a hug or somebody talk to you on a day that they know would’ve been a special day,” said Colleen.

“So please, everybody, send your love and support and prayers. A card, or whatever it is, makes all the difference in the world.”

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Donald and Beth Schiemann – the parents of Cst. Peter Schiemann – issued a statement in response to the shooting in Moncton.

“Our hearts go out to the victims of the families. We know what lies ahead for them. We pray and hope as they continue to search for the gunman no further harm comes to police and civilians.

“They have our condolences as they work through the next few days and weeks.  By the Grace of God they will eventually get through it.”

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