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BLOG: Morning News Rewind – June 5

Mater, an eight-weekold puppy, is looking for a new home.

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On Thursday’s Morning News, Kevin learns about the case for fracking from Ezra Levant and concussion myths from Dr. Joanny Liu while Joelle see what’s going on Sunday at Art in the Park and meets Mater in Adopt a Pet, a puppy looking for a new home.

Ezra Levant argues the case for fracking

The book is called Groundswell, the author, Ezra Levant. If you don’t know Ezra, he’s the kind of interview that I could happily have chatted with for hours.

Watch the clip, and you’ll know him after.

Puppy up for adoption at New Hope Dog Rescue

Kevin and I were thrilled to meet the new executive director of New Hope Dog Rescue and her adorable friend, Mater. Ashley was a treat to work with, and it helped that she brought along a precious puppy to soften us up!

The nice thing about New Hope Dog Rescue is that they will not put a dog up for adoption until it has been through the works: some training, an initial health check and an isolation period.

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Mater is almost eight weeks old and he is a Shepherd/Siberian Husky cross. In other words, he is perfect. Then again, you are talking to an animal-crazed fanatic.

We touched on the importance of responsibility today when it comes to your pets, and to ensure that you get your animal spayed and neutered in order to prevent unwanted litters.

It’s just vital so that little guys like Mater don’t end up abandoned on the streets of Saskatoon and beyond.

One other fun event to note that was discussed today is the Pets in the Park, taking place July 6 at Kiwanis Memorial Park from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I’m going to take this opportunity to take my newly-rescued cat, Mo, to the park to make some friends! No more staring out forlornly out the window for you, Mo.

Bring out your leashed pets along to take in live music, good eats, trade booths and demonstrations.

Dispelling the myths of concussions

Well, today was the day of fun guests for Kevin, that’s for darned sure!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Joanny Liu today, who went from being a soft-spoken lady to a firecracker the instant the camera came on.

Her theories on positive thinking and proactivity as better cures for concussions than the prescribed R&R are intriguing, and the energy she has for the subject is commendable!

I firmly believe in positivity as a method of healing, based solely on the opposite (negativity, stress) having a poor effect on one’s health. Worth a shot, right?

Caswell Hill Art in the Park

I was excited to get the opportunity to chat with Raeanne and Linda about the 13th annual Caswell Arts Festival, because as a youngster, I was involved with the original brainchild.

Art in the Park 2014 is a far cry from what I remember as a Caswell Hill student back in 2001. At the time, there were a few tents, a handful of volunteers and (of course my young mind distinctly remembers this) face painting.

It amazes me to see what this event has become. There are now over 121 artists featured in the day-long festival in Ashworth Holmes Park, and that is just the icing on the cake. What other ingredients are there, you may ask?

There is an artist village, an array of food options, a kids artfest, a master of ceremonies (this year it is theatre star Curtis Peeteetuce), and a stage featuring local musical talent.

It looks to be a beautiful day, and what better way to spend it than among fellow artists! And hey, if you’re like me, and even your stick people are slightly skewed, at least you can go have some good eats, and appreciate the artistic talent and diversity of people in our city

Jessica and Kevin preview Wednesday’s Morning News

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