Who is Justin Bourque, suspect in Moncton shooting?

WATCH: People say Justin Bourque was just a regular kid growing up, but unsettling signs began to emerge that he’d become deeply disturbed and had a problem with authority. Jennifer Tryon has more.

The manhunt in Moncton, N.B. for Justin Bourque, a gunman suspected of killing three officers and injuring two others, has ended after the RCMP confirmed he was taken into custody just after midnight Friday.

Not much is known about Bourque, 24, however police have released a few details about the suspect.

Late Wednesday, New Brunswick RCMP tweeted a photograph of the suspect wearing military-style camouflage and carrying two rifles.

Police spotted Bourque between 7:30 and 8 a.m. on Thursday, but were unable to apprehend him. There were multiple other unconfirmed sightings of him on Thursday.

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RCMP Commanding Officer Roger Brown and Supt. Marlene Snowman told media Thursday morning the suspect was still at large and asked residents in a large portion of the city to remain inside and lock their doors while police continue to search for the Moncton man.

In a press conference, police said Bourque was “very mobile” and  “armed and dangerous.” They said the young man was not known to police prior to Wednesday’s shooting.

Police could not provide any additional details about Bourque, but said they were contacting his family and workplace to gather information.

A friend of the suspect said Bourque was very sheltered, home schooled and came from a devout Christian family.

“He’s always had a problem with authority and following rules,” Bourque’s friend, who wished to not be named, told Global News. “He’s not stable at all…he’s not a bad person, he’s just sick.”

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“It’s sad, I feel bad for his family.”

Police said Bourque, who is now in custody, surrendered without incident on during his arrest. Police recovered weapons that were nearby, however no weapons were on Bourque when he was arrested.

Social media

On Thursday, a woman named Caitlin Isaac spoke to media, claiming she is a former coworker of Bourque’s.

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In an interview with Business Insider, Isaac said she worked with Bourque at a Walmart years ago. She said he was fired and that he always “seemed to have a problem with authority.”

A person named Caitlin Isaac is “friends” with an individual named Justin Bourque on Facebook. The Facebook page contains posts and memes about police, guns and shootings.

NOTE: It has not been confirmed that the Facebook page in question belongs to the suspect still at large in Moncton.

The most recent post on the Facebook page from Wednesday evening contains lyrics to a song, “Hook in Mouth,” by metal band Megadeth. Two Facebook “friends” of the poster commented below the lyrics, one saying “You knew this wasn’t the answer.”

Justin Bourque Facebook post. Screengrab

Another post added to the Facebook page on Wednesday features a photo with a quote from comedian Dave Chappelle, “You ever notice a cop will pull you over for a light out, but if your car is broke down they drive right past you?”

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Global News has reached out to the creator of the Facebook page, but did not receive a response.

On Thursday, a local gun and outdoor supply store, Worlds End Warehouse, issued a statement, making reference to the Moncton shooting suspect.

The statement, posted on the store’s Facebook page, read:

“To prevent pointless media speculation we can confirm that the suspect in this case whilst known personally by employees of our store, was never a customer and never purchased firearms or ammunition from us.”

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