Orphaned Okanagan fawn adjusting to her new home

VANCOUVER – The Okanagan’s most famous fawn, rescued after her mother died hours after she was born, is adjusting to her new home this morning.

The now five-day-old mule deer has been transferred to the Critter Care Wildlife Society in Langley where she will undergo rehabilitation.

Rescuers hope one day they’ll be able to release her into the wild in the Okanagan, but they are concerned she’ll never to able to fend for herself.

Orphaned baby Jane Doe was brought to the Tri Lake Animal Hospital in Winfield just hours after she was born and quickly won the hearts of those caring for her.

“I’m going to miss her,” said Fran Hartnett from animal hospital. “She’s captured everybody’s heart in the clinic and we’ve all had such a good time with her but she needs to go where she’s supposed to be.”

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