Eight people lost amidst smoke from Sask. bush fire

Eight people became lost in a forested area near Arborfield, Saskatchewan after thick smoke from a bush fire swept into the area. Google Maps

CARROT RIVER, Sask. – Saskatchewan RCMP were dispatched to a bush fire about 30 kilometres northeast of Arborfield, after eight people became lost in a forested area.

Two adult males and six children were out with their quads, according to police.

Heavy smoke caused by a bush fire left the group unable to find their way out of the area.

The group requested assistance and according to RCMP, the Carrot River Volunteer Fire Department and conservation officers were called out.

The group eventually found their way out of the bush without injury.

RCMP says the fire remains active, but there is no danger to any surrounding communities.

Mounties are also recommending that residents steer clear of the forest due to fire and smoke hazards.


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