May 16, 2014 1:03 am

Couple rescued from steep rock face on Mt. Seymour

North Shore Rescue lands with the couple stranded on Mt. Seymour on May 15, 2014.


Two hikers on their way to a remote lake ended up getting more than they bargained for when they became stranded on a steep rock face on Mount Seymour this evening.

North Shore Rescue got a call from RCMP at roughly 6 p.m. regarding a couple in their early 30s being too scared to move off of Pump Peak,which is the first summit. Luckily, NSR had an experienced member of their team in the area who was able to arrive at the scene in minutes and keep the couple calm.

“It was a case where they got in over their head,” NSR manager Douglas Pope said.

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“It was poor planning on their part. They were looking to go to Elsay Lake, which is a remote lake behind Mt. Seymour and it’s still winter conditions back there.”

Pope said the woman was wearing sandals and things started to “go really wrong for the couple” when they changed their plans in the middle of the hike to head to Pump Peak.

“They got on the steep slope of the peak, and in sandals, and steep rock and snow, she quickly got too scared to move and they were basically stuck. That’s when they called for help.

NSR sent a team by helicopter to the summit and rescued the pair without incident.

During this time of year, Pope said there’s still snow on the mountains above 1,000 metres and anyone heading out needs to be prepared for winter conditions.

Following the rescue, the couple was taken to be interviewed by RCMP.

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