David Woods grilled by Crown over note, reno purchases

Trial of David Woods, accused of killing his wife Dorothy Woods, drawing to a close after last witness testifies on Tuesday. File / Global News

SASKATOON – The first-degree murder trial of David Woods, accused of killing his wife Dorothy, is drawing to a close after the defence rested its case on Tuesday.

During cross-examination, the Crown questioned Woods testimony about his trip to the Blackstrap Lake area on Jan. 2, 2012 that was tracked by GPS.

Woods stated he only drove there after an anonymous note was left under his truck windshield with directions and reference to Dorothy’s whereabouts.

The Crown suggested the note was “mythical” while Woods placed the blame on Saskatoon Police Service.

Dorothy’s body was found in a culvert on Jan. 4, 2012 in the same area. She had been strangled by a rope and wrapped in plastic poly.

Woods called it coincidental that he had purchased poly wrap and rope the day after his wife went missing when questioned about the purchases by the Crown.

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He went on to say he was being framed by police when he was shown a photo of the inside cardboard tube for the plastic poly in his yard, exclaiming “who put that there?” in court.

Also called as a defence witness on Tuesday was Katelyn Woods, who testified about the evening of Nov. 11, 2011, the last day she saw her mother.

Katelyn said she heard no sounds of an argument or struggle that evening, but did hear the front door open and close. She went to check but saw nothing.

Closing arguments will be heard on Wednesday and the jury is expected to begin deliberations on Thursday.

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