May 13, 2014 9:59 am
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Meet the Jetsons: ‘Citycopter’ lets urban commuters fly to work

Fly citycopter lets urban commuters fly to work.

AP Photo/ Eduardo Galvani

TORONTO  – A revolutionary helicopter hopes to provide commuters with more eco-friendly ways to travel than relying on driving or waiting for a bus.

Designed by Eduardo Galvan, the “Fly Citycopter” is a concept that has been explored by scientists and in futuristic films.

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“Technology has…turned more and more advanced, revolutionizing the industry and bringing new possibilities and many benefits in all areas of human life,” said Galvan.

Fly citycopter lets urban commuters fly to work.

AP Photo/ Eduardo Galvani

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Galvani said urban traffic is getting worse “as the urban population in busy cities continues to grow.”

“Automobile traffic is still increasing fast, and each time there are much more people using the same ways at the same time,” he said.

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Galvani said his design is made from carbon, aluminum and titanium, and has part of its body covered with solar cells, which “allows it to generate energy during the flight, both [a] simple solution that collaborates for a better experience and helps to reduce still more the costs of the flight.”

Designer Eduardo Galvani has unveiled his concept for air vehicles.

AP Photo/Eduardo Galvani

The helicopter’s interior.

AP Photo/ Eduardo Galvani

According to Yanko Design, the helicopter’s tri-rotor design makes it maneuverable and quieter with a smoother ride while features like auto-pilot and obstacle detection make it easier and safer to control.

Where have I seen this before?  The concept of a flying personal vehicle isn’t anything new, really. The 1960s animated cartoon The Jetsons made a hovercraft with a similar spherical roof quite popular decades ago.

The Jetsons.

AP Photo

In Paris this year, government officials have provided public transportation for free and asked people to stay out of their cars for  three days in an attempt of battle against the intense pollution of the air.

Could this be your future ride to work?

AP Photo/ Eduardo Galvani

The concept design says the futuristic helicopter can zip above cars and buses with speeds up to 190 km/hr and “harnesses the power of the sun with solar panels outfitted to its exterior that generate energy during flight.

“Aesthetically, it’s a little steam punk and a lot cool,” said the site.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that in Beijing, giant LCD panels were used to show a virtual sunset to pedestrians while the city was enveloped in a very dense and polluted atmosphere hiding the natural horizon. The screens were in fact part of a tourism ad.


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