Photos: ‘Jenga-like’ hotel made from recycled shipping containers

Architects in Hong Kong have designed a jenga-inspired hotel. AP Photo

TORONTO – Architects based in Hong-Kong-have designed an eye-popping hotel composed of recycled shipping containers stacked on top of one another.

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Hive-Inn hotel would be composed of jenga-like containers which can be inserted and removed from the structure, depending on the business needs of the hotel.

The design of the jenga-inspired hotel. AP Photo

According to creators Slimane Ouahes and Christophe Barthelemy, the building’s grid structure would allow one container to be slotted in and taken out without disturbing the containers above or below.

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Hive-Inn hotel. AP Photo

Developed for the Radical Innovation Award (a contest for innovation in hospitality projects), the rooms could be used as a response for emergency housing or medical care units, according to the designers.

They also said that the concept would also allow shipping container rooms to be sponsored by major brands and the company-sponsored containers could only be included in the hotel for a limited time before they’re swapped out for a room designed by another company.

A Ferrari-sponsored container room could look something like this in the jenga-like hotel. AP Photo
A company like Ferrari might sponsor a room and outfit it inside and out. AP Photo

“The inspiration for the design lies in the idea of maximum flexibility and mobility, a trend that is embodied in our modern way of life,” they said.

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Hive-inn hotel would be composed of recycled shipping containers which can be inserted and removed. AP Photo
Hive-inn hotel design. AP Photo

The architects said that in order to feature green spaces and garden areas, under and above each container a service “cassette” would provide electricity, air conditioning, fresh water and drainage.

The Hive-Inn would feature green spaces and garden areas. AP Photo

“These cassettes would be filled with soil, allowing garden and kitchen gardens to be created,” they wrote.


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