Edmonton ETS train attack caught on video

Watch above: Edmonton Transit is hoping to reassure riders after a video of a bizarre attack on the LRT went viral. Fletcher Kent reports.

EDMONTON – A video taken on an Edmonton Transit System (ETS) train appears to show a woman behaving in a bizarre manner and attacking a fellow passenger.

Global News has been unable to verify the reason for the alleged attack.

The video was posted Thursday night from a Facebook account with the name Renee A. Carter.

In the video, a young woman is seen looking through her purse when she starts exhibiting strange and violent behaviour.

She grabs her hair and head before reaching out and grabbing the neck of the male passenger next to her.

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It appears the woman then strikes out at the man and yanks on his ponytail before making her way to the train doors.

The video shows the man approaching her and shoving her several times and the woman kicks him, which leads to a struggle.

The woman falls onto the floor of the train as ETS security arrive at the scene and subdue both individuals.

Officials with ETS confirm an incident took place.

“Unfortunately, the two individuals were involved in an altercation with each other,” said Cheryl Oxford, a spokesperson with the City of Edmonton.

“But luckily, our transit peace officers were able to intervene quickly and appropriately, and both individuals were removed from the train.”

The ETS says transit officers were doing their rounds at Churchill Station when the incident occurred and were able to respond quickly.

“Safety is our first priority,” said Oxford. “Our transit system is safe. As you see on the video, the transit officers reacted quickly and appropriately and were able to ensure the safety of the passengers as soon as they were able to intervene.”

“Both of the individuals, as well as witnesses, were interviewed.”

“Based on all the information that we were provided, at the end of the day, we were able to determine that they could be released and they were issued violation tickets for fighting in public.”

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“Fighting on the transit is a rare occurrence,” Oxford added.

Both people involved have been fined $500 for fighting in public.

When speaking to Global News on Friday afternoon, ETS said it believes the incident was legitimate.

At this point, ETS has not passed on the file to police.

The Edmonton Police Service says it is not investigating the incident at this time.

Global News has also contacted the owner of the Facebook account where the video was posted.

So far there has been no comment and we are awaiting a response.

Another video was posted from the same Facebook account.  The poster says it was taken when the woman first got on the LRT train. It shows her behavior prior to the attack.

(Credit: Facebook/Renee A. Carter)

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