WATCH: Strong wind pushes WestJet 737 from bridge

Passengers waiting for their flights at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport were given a show when strong winds dislodged a plane from the jet bridge connected to the terminal.

In the video posted to YouTube on April 3rd, a man is seen attempting to stop the 737 from sliding along the icy airport apron.

No date when the event took place was indicated in the video’s summary.

WestJet posted a response to the video, praising the quick thinking of the ground crew:

“This is truly a rare occurrence and even more rare to catch it on video. You really were at the right place at the right time! We are very happy with how our ground crew and TechOps AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) handled this situation. Our AME (in the blue vest) was at the aircraft within 10 seconds and our ramp crews (yellow/orange vests) had all ground service equipment away from the aircraft within 40 seconds, which prevented any damage to the aircraft and kept our crews and guests safe while they secured the aircraft with a tug and tow bar. This video is a great reminder of the power of Mother Nature!”

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The YouTube user who posted the video agreed, stating “the crew was great and we were on our way to Toronto shortly after”.

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