Vancouver Park Board votes to install gender-neutral washrooms

Options for signs for the universal washrooms.
Options for signs for the universal washrooms. Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

VANCOUVER – The Vancouver Park Board voted last night to go ahead to install gender-neutral washrooms in public buildings.

The facilities themselves will not change, as it will be a single-occupancy room with a locking door, but there will be different signs hanging on the doors.

Options include an upside-down rainbow triangle, an ‘all-inclusive’ gender symbol or a simple icon representing a toilet.

Other regions across Canada offer gender-neutral facilities, but Vancouver is the first municipality to amend building codes to accommodate the washrooms in public buildings.

There are already a number of universal facilities in Vancouver park board buildings, and commissioner Trevor Loke says they just want to make sure everyone feels welcome and included.

“We think that the recommendation of universal washrooms is a good idea,” says Loke. “We will be using more inclusive language based on the BC Human Rights Code.”

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