NDG councillor apologizes for wanting Quebec separatists ‘eradicated’ like beetle infestation

Emerald Ash Borer. Photo courtesy of Michigan Department of Agriculture

MONTREAL – Montreal city councillor Jeremy Searle has apologized for controversial comments he made about the Parti Quebecois at a borough council meeting in early April.

Searle, an independent councillor for the Loyola district in NDG, outraged many when he compared the Quebec separatist movement to Emerald Ash Borer, which are green beetles currently causing problems in the city.

“Perhaps in ten years time, they could eradicate the separatist movement like they hope to do with Emerald Ash Borer insects . . . except that the Emerald Ash Borer does less damage than the separatists,” he said on April 8.

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Even after Montreal mayor Denis Coderre asked him to apologize, Searle was adamant that what he said was not offensive, and refused to say he was sorry for his comments.

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However, on Wednesday, the councillor issued a formal apology.

In an email sent to¬†Global News, he acknowledged that after watching the video from the meeting, he could see that his comments could “give an impression that I certainly did not intend.”

Read the apology in full below:

Concerning comments made at CDN/NDG borough council meeting, April 8, 2014

Having reviewed the video from the borough council meeting, I recognize that my comments, while not ill-meant, were entirely in the wrong and tended to give an impression that I certainly did not intend.

Consequently, I apologize wholly and unreservedly to all those whom I have offended.

Jeremy Searle

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