More than $10,000 worth of wiring stolen in Port Moody

VANCOUVER -Port Moody Police are hoping the public can help them solve a huge wire theft.

On April 10, between 3 and 6 a.m., someone stole nearly six tonnes of wiring near the Glenayre Community Centre.

Police say the thieves might have appeared to be workers and might have used a large industrial vehicle to carry it away.

The value of the wire is more than $10,000.

“You can strip it down, you can change it, there’s nothing saying they rolled in with a truck and dumped all six tonnes down at a station,” said Cst. Luke Van Winkle with the Port Moody Police. “There’s been things put in place across the Lower Mainland, trying to cut down on the resale of stolen metal and wire, but where there’s a will there’s a way and people will find a way around.”

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“Whether they’re bringing it in in smaller portions so it’s less suspicious, whether there’s companies that are still turning a blind eye, that’s still to be determined,” he added.

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