City council settles on multi-unit recycling program

Watch above: multi-unit recycling sparks heated debate at city council meeting

SASKATOON – A long-running debate over the multi-unit recycling program has been settled by Saskatoon city council but it was not a unanimous decision.

Councillors finalized the program on Monday evening that will see Cosmo Industries provide the service.

The total monthly cost of the program is $4.66 per unit, but each suite will only be billed $2.51. The city will pay $1.32 to Cosmo and another 83 cents for the education costs to roll out the new program.

For 2014, the difference from what is collected from multi-unit dwellings and what Cosmo receives, estimated at $215,000, will come from the reserve for capital expenditures.

The city is hoping that in future years, the shortfall will be covered through money available from the province for environmental initiatives, but that won’t be known until 2015 when the program launches.

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Ward 1 councillor Darren Hill, one of four councillors to vote against approving the contract, said there is a lot riding on that decision.

“We run the risk of not having the full funds and there will be a mill rate impact,” said Hill.

“It’s quite possible single-family homes could end up subsidizing multi-units.

Councillors Charlie Clark, Mairin Loewen and Zach Jeffries also voted against awarding the contract.

Only two councillors, Ann Iwanchuk and Troy Davies, voted in favour of multi-unit dwellers paying the full cost of the program.

The multi-unit recycling program could roll out as early as this October.

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