Saskatoon defers decision on multi-unit recycling program

The executive committee has deferred a decision on a multi-unit recycling program in Saskatoon until more is known about a provincial program. File / Global News

SASKATOON – City council is putting the brakes on a recycling program proposed for multi-unit residential buildings.

Last week, city administration reported the service, to be provided by Cosmopolitan Industries, would cost $4.66 per month. Each condominium and apartment suite would only be charged $2.50 and administration recommended funding the remainder with money from a provincial multi-material recycling program.

This provincial program is not expected to roll out until 2015, making city councillors hesitant to bank on this as a funding source. If the money doesn’t come through, the funding gap would fall on taxpayers shoulders.

The report was presented to the city’s executive committee on Monday and providing a grant to Cosmopolitan Industries was discussed. Ward 1 councillor Darren Hill suggested that’s the best solution.

“I would much prefer to give them a $300K grant upfront, spread over everybody’s property taxes so that we’re upfront and forward with everybody so we’re saying, ‘we are supporting Cosmopolitan Industries and their social programs with your property tax,” Hill said.

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Ken Gryschuk with Cosmopolitan Industries says it doesn’t want a grant but would rather make money through providing the service of the recycling program.

“We got into recycling to give our participants vocational activities, a way to be involved in the community and a grant itself doesn’t give our participants anything to do,” Gryschuk said.

“Our supporters would look upon that as us being paid to go away.”

After extensive discussion, it was agreed a decision would be deferred until the city has more information about the provincial multi-material recycling program.

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