Wear your prom corsage and eat it, too – KFC’s prom debut

What style of chicken would you choose? Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken?. Nanz & Kraft Florist /

Admit it: The one thing your painstakingly constructed prom outfit lacked was a morsel of flowery fried chicken.

KFC is getting in on the prom action and proposing to replace the traditional floral corsage with finger-licking goodness.

The corsage is a drumstick surrounded by silk baby’s breath, green leaves and white ribbon and sells for $20(US). High school seniors can choose between getting their drumstick in Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

The poultry project owes its existence to the fast food chain and Nanz & Kraft, a Kentucky-based florist. Co-owner Eddit Kraft says, yes, this is the real deal.

“KFC is right down the street from us here in Louisville and they called us up and we said, ‘Yes, we’d love to partner with you guys.’”

And although the idea originates in the south, Canadians can get in on the greasy fun as well. Place an order outside the Louisville area and they’ll ship you the corsage base and a voucher to redeem at a KFC for their drumstick.

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But the crispy corsage is a limited edition and plans to offer more than the scheduled 100 are still up in the air.

There are no plans – yet – to introduce fried drumstick bouquets to other party markets. But it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

“We actually have a couple that’s getting married in Louisville that’s wondering about a wedding and they want to incorporate their flower centrepieces with the KFC chicken buckets,” Kraft said . “But we’ll see where it all goes. We might have to do boutonnieres next year or something like that.”

Branded prom gear has been making the rounds across North America even before the popularity of promposals (over-the-top proposals to prom). A few tastier examples:

Starburst candy wrap dress

Ripley’s Newsroom. Ripley's Newsroom

Wisconsin teen, Tara Frey spent over 40 hours constructing her dress back in 2011. By buying packages of Starburst and accepting community donations, she was able to complete her prom dress. The theme of the prom was Candyland.

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Gum wrapper gown

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Ripley’s Newsroom. Ripley's Newsroom

A couple from Iowa accumulated enough gum wrappers to create a matching ensemble. The girl, Elizabeth Rasmuson, created her gown’s corset from the Wrigley’s “5 gum” wrappers while her date sported a matching vest.

Doritos frock

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Maura Pozek went to prom four times and each time she designed and constructed a unique dress from wrappers and household items. Here, she fashioned a short dress made from Doritos chip bags.


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