Canadian politicians react to Flaherty’s death on Twitter

WATCH: PM Stephen Harper is shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Jim Flaherty

TORONTO – Canadian politicians are taking to Twitter to express their condolences over former finance minister Jim Flaherty’s death.

According to a statement from his family, Flaherty passed away “peacefully” on Thursday in Ottawa.

Video Gallery: Polticians from across Canada react to the passing of Jim Flaherty

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The House of Commons was officially suspended on Thursday afternoon and several NDP and Liberal MPs crossed the floor to console Conservative colleagues. Conservative ministers Jason Kenney and Peter MacKay were visibly distraught.

Tweets continue to pour in from politicians representing all parties thanking Flaherty for his service and expressing condolences to his family.

Translation: “Despite our differences, I want to acknowledge the important contribution to the Canadian economy. My condolences to his family.”

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Many politicians also began retweeting Flaherty’s last tweet, sent on March 18, which read, “It has been an honour to server Canada. Thank you for the opportunity.”

There have not yet been any tweets sent from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s account.

John Baird: 

“It was with profound sadness today that I learned of the passing of my good friend and colleague for over two decades, Jim Flaherty. Jim was a mentor to me throughout my time at Queen’s Park from a very young age. I could always rely on Jim to be a devout friend through tough times, and an encouraging figure through good,” said foreign affairs minister John Baird in a statement.

“We share in their heartbreak, and grieve with them during this difficult time.”

Brad Wall:

“Our deepest condolences to Jim Flaherty’s family and friends,” Wall said. “We are saying goodbye too soon to a great public servant and a good man. Jim Flaherty was a steady, effective Finance Minister in a time of unprecedented volatility.”