Project Brazen ITOs: Read the full January 14 and March 7 documents

Watch video: How the media won access to Rob Ford court documents. Jackson Proskow reports. 

TORONTO – Ontario court Justice Ian Nordheimer lifted the publication ban Thursday that had barred Global News and other outlets from publishing dozens of paragraphs in two police requests for search warrants used in the Project Brazen investigation.

The Project Brazen investigation was sparked by conversations intercepted by police during a separate investigation, Project Traveller. These two documents detail dozens of alleged conversations intercepted by police between Sandro Lisi, a friend of Mayor Rob Ford’s, and others allegedly involved in the creation and attempted sale of the infamous “crack video.”

None of the statements made within the documents has been proven in court.

Read both the January 14 and March 7 ITO below.

Read the full March 7 ITO below: 

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Read the full January 14 ITO below: 

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