WATCH: Is this the most daring Winter Challenge video yet?

The Winter Challenge has taken social media by storm.

Thousands of posts and videos have been shared across B.C. showing people taking part in this daring, and often very cold, activity. TheĀ idea is to jump into a cold lake or river and dunk your head all the way under. When you emerge you must then challenge others and they have 24 hours to do the same.

Even the Mayor of Vancouver has taken part.

But Quinn Barabash’s video appears to have taken it to another level.

Known as ‘Captain Quinn’ online, he was nominated for the Winter Challenge by one of his friends and decided he needed to go all out.

Barabash lives in Terrace and on the day he was nominated there was about 1 metre of snow on the ground.

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“I couldn’t go anywhere,” he said. “I was out shoveling and shoveling.”

But he was not going to let an opportunity like this slip through his fingers.

“I didn’t want to be a bad sport,” he laughed, “but I was in a sticky situation.”

Trouble was, the lake near his house was frozen, so Barabash decided to cut a hole through the ice in order to complete his challenge.

“I bored holes right beside each other,” he said. “Finally I had a hole just big enough to fit through.”

Considering Terrace had been experiencing temperatures in the -20s, it was about -5 that day, and Barabash said it felt ‘balmy’. So he donned his short shorts and his winter hat, and finally managed to squeeze through the hole to dunk himself in.

“It was really cold, numbing, but it was good,” he laughed. “I feel like the cold water was cleansing.”

“I feel like in some regards I went in a man and came out a little boy.”

Barabash nominated his mom.

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