Naked Quebec election candidate gets lots of exposure

ABOVE: Steven Fleurent’s photo gaffe is raising plenty of eyebrows 

MONTREAL – A candidate for the Coalition Avenir Quebec party in the province’s election campaign is getting a lot of exposure, so to speak.

A photo of candidate Steven Fleurent has surfaced showing him sitting on a toilet naked except for bracelets on his wrists and underwear around his ankles.

The long-haired hopeful for the Rimouski riding is seen flashing a toothy smile and giving a big thumbs-up.

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It is not clear when the photo of the 21-year-old was taken.

Coalition leader Francois Legault has called the controversy an “error of youth,” saying Fleurent will remain a candidate in the riding.

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Attempts to link to Fleurent’s Facebook page produce a blank screen.

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