Quebec political parties unveil TV ads

Quebec's four main provincial party leaders (L-R): Philippe Couillard, Françoise David, François Legault and Pauline Marois. The Canadian Press

MONTREAL – Hoping to win the hearts and votes of Quebecers, the province’s four main political parties have unveiled their new television ads.

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Parti Quebecois: Determined

The ad features Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois walking in a determined fashion. We can hear her thoughts as she muses on political matters such as controlling government spending, supporting businesses, creating jobs and wealth and taking care of everyone, while acting as a nation and representing all Quebecers. She ends by speaking directly to the camera, “My team and I are determined. To put everything in place for a stronger Quebec.” The ad is underscored with the low key strumming of a guitar, almost like what you might hear in a Montreal blues bar.

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Liberal Party of Quebec: Together, addressing the real issues

As the camera slowly draws closer to his face, Liberal Party leader Philippe Couillard criticizes the Parti Quebecois for inventing false problems in order to hide reality. “Quebecers have other priorities,” he says firmly, exactly halfway through the video. The rest of the ad outlines the party’s plans, touching on the economy, job creation, bureaucracy reduction, education and 24/7 health clinics. “Choose my team,” he says at the end. “Together we’re going to take care of the real business at hand.” Reminiscent of a corporate video, the music  features the best that digitized elevator music has to offer.

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Coalition Avenir Quebec: We give you Legault

The Coalition Avenir Quebec has launched its ad campaign with three ads (you can watch the other two here and here). The ads feature one person per video (two men and one woman), who talk about things like leadership,  overspending, ideas, hope, courage and taxes. As they speak, words literally come out of their mouth. Common themes include “speaking out” and “the fight of your life.” The video ends with CAQ leader Francois Legault, who speaks directly to the camera and says, “Me, I think it’s possible.” The music has a staccato beat and rising crescendo not dissimilar to that of the Liberal Party’s ad.

Quebec Solidaire: For the love of Quebec Solidaire

The television ad for Quebec Solidaire features a clever and relatively funny running gag where three disgruntled voters call in to speak to a clearly bored government after-sales service representative. Each complains about how little the Parti Quebecois has achieved while in power, focusing on its lack of a plan for achieving independence and its weak policies on the environment. “I bought a separatist government, but it’s been two years and I don’t think it’s working,” one caller complains. The response? “Don’t believe everything you see on TV.” It ends with a musical jingle, a heart and the campaign slogan: “I vote with my head.”

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