Lago Lindo explosion ruled homicide

A powerful house explosion that killed several people in north Edmonton last year has been classified as an act of foul play, and investigators say one of the deceased was murdered before the blast.

On Sunday, June 20 a home in Edmonton’s Lago Lindo neighbourhood exploded, causing an estimated $3.5-million in damage to 40 properties.

Four bodies were found in the rubble following the blast: Dwayne Richard Poirier, 46, and Jeanne Cathleen Heard, 47 both lived at the home where the blast originated. Craig Donald Huber, 29, and Bradley Warren Winter, 26 lived in a neighbouring home.

After nearly a year of investigation, police say the explosion was caused by a build up of natural gas caused by someone altering the home’s natural gas line.

Additionally, homicide investigators found that Jeanne Cathleen Heard had died sometime before the explosion – strangled by Poirier, her common-law husband.

More details are expected to be revealed at a news conference later this morning.


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