Chris Falconer to appeal murder conviction

Christopher Falconer arrives at Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Pictou, N.S. on  Jan. 8, 2014.
Christopher Falconer arrives at Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Pictou, N.S. on Jan. 8, 2014. Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press

HALIFAX – Less than a month after being convicted of first degree murder, Chris Falconer has filed an application for appeal from behind bars.

The 31-year-old was convicted in the murder of Amber Kirwan on January 28, 2013.

Global News has learned that Falconer’s appeal was received by the crown attorney’s office in Pictou on Wednesday.

Patrick Young, one of the crown attorneys who handled the case, says the next step if for dates to be set at a law court for information to be filed. After that, a date for a hearing will be set. An appeal would take place in front of a panel of three judges.

Scott Falconer Jr., Chris’ father, spoke to Global News moments after news of the appeal broke. He said he was “very happy” with his son’s decision to file an application for an appeal.

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“We were encouraging him,” Scott Falconer Jr. said. “We’re with him 100 per cent.”

Falconer’s family confirm that the application has been filed without a lawyer.

Mike Taylor served as the Falconer’s defence attorney during the trial. The jury of six men and six women deliberated for just seven hours before giving their verdict.

Scott Falconer Jr. and his wife, Sue Kelly, were inside to hear the verdict. However, Falconer’s grandfather, who never missed a day in the trial, showed up just minutes late and had to hear the news from his son.

The trial had brought together hundreds of people. Spectators stood in line for hours to get a seat inside the courtroom, which was full to capacity through the entire trial. Cell phones had to be banned during the first week of the trial because a member of the public took a photo of Falconer and posted it to social media, something that’s not allowed inside Nova Scotia courtrooms.

Amber Kirwan went missing after a night out with friends on October 8, 2011. Her remains were found less then a month later in Heathbell, N.S.

Kirwan’s parents, Marjorie and Don, were present for every day of the trial. Both even testified.

When the guilty verdict came back, Marjorie Kirwan told Global News she was “very” pleased with the decision.


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