WATCH: Mentally ill killer to stay in custody

VERNON — A Vernon man has once again been denied his freedom, three years after a gruesome murder.

Officials say 37 year-old Ken Barter should not be released from a mental care facility, where he has been confined since killing his friend.

Nathan Mayrhofer, 32, was at Barter’s apartment for a night of drinking.

Barter, who was not taking his medications, thought his friend was trying to hypnotize him.

He killed Mayrhofer with a hammer, dismembered the body and placed it in his fridge and freezer.

Barter was found not guilty of second degree murder by reason of a mental disorder.

He has been placed in a forensic institution in Port Coquitlam.

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Each year, he undergoes a review, and after his latest evaluation, officials say he is not ready to be released.

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