Rob Ford’s Vancouver visit prompts social media storm

Rob Ford arrives at the Vancouver International Airport Friday morning. Kalvin-James Sims

Toronto mayor Rob Ford arrived at the Vancouver International Airport Friday morning, causing an uproar of jokes about the beleaguered politician on social media.

Kalvin James-Sims, who was at the airport when Ford arrived, said the mayor was travelling with his wife and two children.

Sims said Ford made small talk with media and other people at the airport and was “looking rather flushed but well composed.”

Ford is reportedly in the city for a funeral, but that didn’t stop people from cracking jokes about his admitted drug-use and infamous drunken antics.

On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed against Ford for his alleged role in the jailhouse assault of his sister`s former partner.

Vancouverites react to Rob Ford’s weekend visit:

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