Airport-security rules changing

OTTAWA – The government has implemented changes to its security screening so that regulations "focus more on higher threat items," and less on smaller items travellers may be carrying.

Soon, Canadians will be allowed to bring items such as small manicure scissors and small eyeglass screwdrivers onboard, government spokeswoman Melisa Leclerc said in an email.

Transport Minister Chuck Strahl was to make the announcement on the changes to aviation security Thursday morning at the Ottawa International Airport.

"We are focused on a balance between passenger convenience and security. Our government has taken unprecedented measures to ensure the security of Canadian air travellers," the statement read.

It said change was created to help the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority with speeding up passenger screening and to improve passenger convenience.

Lines for families and frequent flyers will also be expanded to speed up the screening process.

The government plans to pour $1.5 billion over five years into improving the security authority.

Other measures include:

“¢ A new Passenger Protect Program to keep people who may pose an immediate security threat from boarding commercial flights;

“¢ More extensive criminal background checks for workers with access to secure areas at Canada’s airports; and

“¢ Strengthening explosive trace detection, and introducing full-body scanners.

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