911 call in 19-year-old’s suspicious death in Surrey did not come from the building

There are many questions the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team will be trying to answer in relation to a 19-year-old’s death early this morning.

What started as a domestic dispute in Surrey on New Year’s Day is now a suspicious death.

RCMP officers responded to the domestic call and witnessed the horrifying sight of a woman falling to her death from the 26th floor to the pavement below. The 19-year-old victim apparently lived with a 23-year-old man in a suite on that floor.

At this time it is not clear if the victim called or texted a friend or relative to say she was in trouble, but police say the 911 call did not come from inside the 26th floor suite, or the building. This is also not the first time officers have been called to the same apartment for domestic disputes.

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“The police have attended this location for similar type investigations,” says Sgt. Adam Macintosh with IHIT. “The specifics of those investigations, when and how often, is information we won’t share. It’s a part of our current investigation, but we have been here before with respect to these people.”

Flowers have already been placed outside the building where the young woman fell to her death.

The unidentified 23-year-old man has been taken into custody and no charges have been laid. Police can keep him in custody for 24 hours without laying charges.

An autopsy on the young woman will be conducted in the coming days.

– With files from John Daly

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