Guelph police arrest second person in connection with baseball bat attack

Police said they have arrested a second person over the weekend in connection with a baseball attack at a home just outside of downtown in Guelph. Ken Hashizume/CJOY

Guelph police say a second person has been nabbed in connection with an assault in March that left one person with serious injuries.

On March 23, emergency services responded to a home on Elizabeth near Huron Street.

Police said a man saw two people outside near his car and went to confront them when they hit him several times with a baseball bat.

According to further investigation, the victim was asleep when the two suspects arrived at his home and went into his bedroom where one person started hitting him with an aluminum bat.

The victim’s son woke up and tried to intervene, but investigators said one of the men pulled out a knife and held it to him.

Police said the victim suffered two broken arms and a fractured leg, needing several surgeries.

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A 40-year-old from Guelph was found downtown a week after the incident.

Then on early Sunday morning, a 58-year-old from Guelph was found and arrested.

He had a bail hearing on Tuesday.

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