WATCH: Northern lights viewed from airplane

The Northern Lights with a meteor (right) captured on Aug. 4. Courtesy of Bill Longo

TORONTO – Imagine being on a flight from London to New York, looking out your window and being treated to a dazzling display of the northern lights.

That’s just what happened to Paul Williams on Nov. 12.

VIDEO: Aurora flight Nov. 2013 (Paul Williams)

Williams was flying on a Virgin Atlantic flight from London to New York, when he noticed there was a high chance for aurora.

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Balancing his camera on his rucksack, Williams left the camera snapping away, and captured a stunning display of the northern lights, or aurora, as the curtain of light danced in the sky.

In his description of the video, Williams said, “The camera is much better at picking out the reds and other colours. I learnt now to spot this amazing natural phenomenon by going on an ‘aurora hunting’ expedition in Northern Finland, well inside the Arctic Circle.”

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Correction: An earlier version of this story said that Williams was on a Virgin Galactic flight.

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