Video: Northern lights over Alberta

The Northern Lights over Wood Buffalo National Park. CNW Group/Parks Canada

TORONTO – If you’ve never witnessed the northern lights, they are an awe-inspiring sight.

Curtains of colour dance across the sky against the backdrop of stars. They can last from a few minutes to a few hours.

Richard Gottardo, a professional photographer and storm chaser, captured a time-lapse of the aurora over the Rockies in southern Alberta.

VIDEO: Aurora over Alberta
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The video was shot over seven hours on Nov. 9 after particles from the sun interacted with the Earth’s magnetic field. More than 1500 photographs were used to make the time-lapse.

Gottardo, along with Andras Schram, founded Experience Aurora – a company that offers photography workshops and sightseeing tours of the northern lights.

The sun has been very active lately with several sunspots which are responsible for solar flares that can eject solar matter into space and toward Earth.

The sun, with several sunspots on Nov. 13. (CNW Group/Parks Canada). NASA/SOHO

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