‘Torontohenge’: When to see an incredible sunset in downtown’s east-west corridor

Torontohenge. Submitted / Global News

For those looking to experience Torontohenge, where the sun’s placement falls perfectly for sunset in downtown Toronto’s east-west corridor, Global News meteorologist Ross Hull says it can be best seen on the most romantic day of the year — Valentine’s Day.

What does “Torontohenge” actually mean?

Hull says when the sun angle lowers and rises during the course of the year, bringing us our seasons, it’s possible to see the sunrise or sunset along downtown Toronto’s east to west running streets, at certain times of the year.

“February 14 is one of those opportunities to see the sunset along those east-west downtown streets as you look to the horizon in the west sky,” he said.

“It creates a half-sun image with half of it below the horizon as it aligns with the street.”

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Sunset in Toronto for Feb. 14 is expected for 5:45 p.m.

Torontohenge. Submitted / Global News

Torontohenge was named after “Manhattanhenge” which is where the same phenomenon happens in New York City in its east-west streets, a term astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson claims he coined.

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Hull said the half-sun should still be visible for about a week afterwards before the sun’s placement changes again.

It is also weather permitting, Hull noted. Skies are expected to be clear on Wednesday night but a winter storm moving in Thursday could affect seeing the full effects of the golden hour.

“Head out there today (Wednesday) because clouds will roll in on Thursday with snow falling tomorrow evening,” Hull said.

Another time to watch a Torontohenge during the year is around Oct. 25, however, Torontohenge sunrises are around April 19 and Aug. 23, Hull said.

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Torontohenge. Submitted / Global News

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