December 11, 2013 7:00 pm
Updated: December 12, 2013 1:26 pm

WATCH: Goose in distress bonds with southern Alberta woman


A Lethbridge woman has quite the story to share after she ran into a goose who was in need of tender loving care.

Teresa Mereski came across two geese that were watching over a dying goose at Henderson Lake in Lethbridge.

One of the geese turned to Mereksi for comfort.

“She came right up to us and my instinct was to pick her up, and she just cuddled right in,” says Mereski. “She was talking to me – she just warmed my heart.”

Biologist Terry Kowalchuk says initially he thought it odd that a goose would not only approach a human, but allow the human to hold and cuddle it.

“Once we found out circumstances it makes a little sense. It looks like the bird is distressed and is looking for support.”

Kowalchuk says geese mate for life, and would rather die together than leave each other’s side.

“They are wired to stay together, this situation does not look good. The water is frozen over so they are somewhat vulnerable to predators and other wild animals. They are trying to protect the (goose) who got injured.”

Mereski has named her new friend ‘Lucy’ and returns to the lake every day to feed her.

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