WATCH: Asteroid has close-encounter with Earth

File photo of asteroid 243 Ida, which is significantly larger than the asteroid 2013 XY8 (it poses no threat to Earth). NASA/JPL

TORONTO – An asteroid — discovered just four days ago — buzzed past Earth Wednesday at just twice the distance from Earth to the moon: about 700,000 kilometres.

Asteroid 2013 XY8 was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey on Dec. 7.

VIDEO: Asteroid 2013 XY8 flies past Earth (Virtual Telescope Project)

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Measurements taken by several observatories around the world put the size of the asteroid at around 30 m. The one that broke up over Russia in February was 19 m.

Animation of Close Approach of Asteroid 2013 XY8 imaged on 2013, December 10.6   by E. Guido & N. Howes photo animation_zps3b70bd1c.gif
Animation of 2013 XY8

It’s long been known that the formation of our solar system created thousands of orbiting leftovers. Astronomers around the world are attempting to catalogue any potentially hazardous asteroids (PHA). But the solar system is a very big place and asteroids aren’t very big, comparatively, nor are they bright.

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In fact, in September, Russian astronomers revealed that Earth narrowly avoided a collision with an asteroid that was detected only hours before it flew 11,300 km from Earth.

Asteroid 2013 XY8 poses no threat to Earth.